Get a closer look at the competitors bidding on your branded keywords via Similarweb's Advertisers Report and understand who is targeting your audience.

Advertisers Report

What is the value of the Brand Protection Advertisers Report?

The Advertisers Report enables you to discover all the competitors taking action on your tracked keywords quickly from one table. This helps you to visualize and understand who your top paid search competitors are, and to monitor emerging competitors by analyzing whether their share of voice is increasing.

It also allows you to identify the exact keywords on which your competitors are competing with you, as well as the actual ads associated with any specific competitor that has been tracked.


How to use the Brand Protection Advertisers report:

    1. Navigate to Brand Protection, which is found at the top of your sidebar on the left-hand side.
      • You must first create a campaign to see the Advertisers report, as well as the other report options.
      • Select the Advertisers report
    2. Select the campaign you want to view
      • In the navigation bar on top, you'll find a drop-down menu called "campaigns." Select which of your campaigns you want to view.Brand Protection Advertisers report - Campaign selection
    3. Select the location, device, and date  If your campaign includes multiple locations and/or devices to track (ie. both mobile and desktop), you can filter by location and device type.
          • Location: If you are tracking branded keywords across more than one search engine or location, you can view your campaign’s performance for all locations or narrow down the list using the “Location” filter.      
          • Device Type: If you choose both Mobile & Desktop when setting up your campaign, you will be able to switch between mobile or desktop on the advertisers report page.            
          • Date Range: Allows you to analyze competitors according to a specific day, week, month, or all time. 


Filtering the Advertisers report

The Advertisers report contains several filters, features, and metrics that allow you to further drill down into the competitors targeting your audiences.

Filtering by keyword

Find the advertisers that are targeting some of your specific keywords by using the keyword inclusion/exclusion filter. 

Filtering the advertisers report by keyword

Filtering by Share of Voice

View which of the competitors bidding on your branded keywords have the larger share of voice. The higher the share of voice, the more ads and keywords they compete on within your campaign.

Filtering by Keywords and Ads

Within the table of Advertiser results you can also see the number of keywords and ads that any one of the advertisers are bidding on and publishing respectively.

By clicking on the keywords or ads number, you will be taken to the Search Ads page, where you can go even deeper into the specific messaging, ad structure, keywords, and run dates for any search ad we’ve identified. 


Try it now! 

Check out the Advertisers Report within the Brand Protection module

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