Getting Started with Intent Data

What is the value?

Monitor and receive alerts whenever companies in your target audience are researching topics you care about, and then reach out to them before your competitors.

Use Intent Signals to: 

  1. Discover who in your target market is researching what you sell.
  2. Locate contacts likely to be making those searches.
  3. Create the perfect message based on their searches and level of intent.


How to use Intent Data

  Note: Only a user on the account with the admin role can complete these steps. Click here to learn more about user types. 


Setting up the topics you want to monitor

  1. Navigate to the Intent Admin area in the left-hand menu
  2. Select the topics you want to monitor alerts from. You can select from over 10,000 topics. Each topic will be accompanied by its category and the number of companies showing intent for the topic.                                 
      • The number of topics available through your subscription will be shown in the “Selected Topics section” on the right side of the page

      Tip: Once you save your list of topics, you will not be able to add new topics for 90 days.

      Tip: To add more topics, click the "upgrade" button in the top right corner, or click here


Monitoring your target accounts for spikes in intent

  Note: Any user type on the account can complete the following steps

  1. Open your Sales Signals on either a list or a saved search
  2. Click the "Add" button next to "Intent"
  3. Select one, some, or all of your intent topics
  4. Select the country for which you want to monitor these intent topics
  5. Click "Save" and the intent signal will be displayed in a new column within your list.
  6. Hover over the number of intent signals to see which signals were found on each site and the level of interest from that account
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