The Pages report gives you the ability to analyze a complete list of your landing pages that rank for keywords organically or within a SERP feature.

What’s the Value? 

Many SEO teams track their landing page performance according to organic results. However, this doesn’t provide the full picture of your SERP performance. With Similarweb’s Rank Tracker, you can go beyond organic results and pinpoint where your landing pages are appearing across the entire SERP landscape on a daily basis. Use the Pages report to reveal new opportunities to rank on SERP features such as “people also ask” and much more.

With the Pages report, you can:

  • Discover which pages are ranking on the SERP each day, providing you with a daily overview as to how your content/pages are performing. 
  • Identify which new pages are currently ranking and which pages are lost from the SERP
  • Gain insight beyond organic positioning into where your pages are truly positioned across the SERP including exact pages within SERP features. 


Available filters in the pages report: 

There are a variety of filters to customize your analysis of your campaign’s keywords. 

Analyze keywords by location and device:

If you are tracking keywords in more than one area, you can view your campaign’s performance for all locations or can narrow down the list using the “Location” filter. 

  Note: You will need to set your locations with the campaign setup

Set the location

View your pages report by Desktop or Mobile: 

If you choose both Mobile & Desktop when setting up your campaign, you will be able to toggle between mobile or desktop on the pages report page. Performance per device may differ.  

Toggle between desktop and mobile web

Filter by date range:

The Daily Date Picker allows you to analyze keyword performance according to a specific day, week, month, or all time.

daily date picker

Filter pages with keywords from a specific tag:

Filter for pages with keywords from a specific tag

Filter by pages ranking with keywords in specific positions (such as pages that have keywords that rank in positions 1-3):

Filter by position

Filter for pages that rank with a specific SERP feature:

Filter by SERP features

Discover new pages ranking on the SERP, or pages you lost from the SERP (such as pages no longer ranking for any of the keywords in your campaign):

Filter by ranking pages

Key metrics available, with fresh data updated daily:

  • SERP Features that this page ranks for (if available)
  • Number of keywords ranking for this exact page
  • The clicks this page receives 
  • The weighted average position of this page
  • The top keyword for this page based on rank
  • The search intent of the page based on the keywords ranking for it



Generating insights with the Pages report

See what landing pages your competitors are ranking on for your keywords.

You can break down the landing pages your competitors are ranking for with your tracked keywords, based on the competitors you set when creating your campaigns. 

For example, you can learn more about the type of content and pages your competitors are optimizing for on your tracked keywords and drill down into how they are performing on the SERP. 

View and analyze the full list of landing pages that you rank within a SERP Feature 

You can analyze your landing pages that are ranking within SERP features and uncover in-depth SERP results (such as People Also Ask, Image Box, Paid Ads, and more).

This enables you to deeply understand performance beyond generic metrics and uncover the SERP landscape. Use this feature to gain insights into how you can optimize your performance across SERP features.

Find your page's exact organic position and universal position per keyword on the SERP

With Universal Position, you gain a deeper view of where your page positions on the SERP since it includes paid ads and SERP feature positions. You can identify which keywords this page ranks for as an organic result, within a SERP feature, or both!

Drill down into specific keywords

Discover more keywords for which you can optimize your page by selecting the keyword and selecting one of the options from the “explore this keyword” dropdown. With this quick workflow, you will be able to reveal your rank while optimizing your performance within a couple of clicks. 

  Tip: This flow brings you from Rank Tracker to Acquisition Research, allowing you to quickly dig into additional keyword metrics

The views and tables tab enables you to customize your table. Hide or show columns and rearrange their order through the column settings:

Customize which metrics you see


Check out the Pages report in Rank Tracker now to start optimizing your pages and win the SERP!



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