Similarweb PRO marketing mix enables you to uncover the quantity and quality of traffic sent to a brand per traffic channel.

With the marketing mix, you can:

  • Gain an overview of a brand’s marketing strategy over time

  • Plan and prioritize marketing resources by analyzing the leading channels generating traffic for competitors and industry leaders

  • Evaluate the quality of visitor traffic each channel generates over time

How to Use

To build your analysis:

  1. From Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis, enter a website you would like to analyze.

  2. Click Compare and add up to 4 of your competitors.

  3. From the left menu, select Overview > Marketing Channels.

  4. You can apply any of the filters to narrow down your list.

Channels Overview

In Channels Overview, you can discover the leading channels generating traffic for each site.

In the graph, you can see:


  •  Along with absolute numbers, you can look at percentages to understand the volume and proportion of traffic driven by each channel. In addition, you can benchmark to the category to see marketing strategies relative to the entire industry.

  • SimilarWeb's Marketing Mix enables you to uncover the quantity and quality of traffic sent to a brand per traffic channel. The data includes a breakdown of each specific traffic source's visits, which are truncated to 10,000 results. When you analyze data over a long period of time for a website(s) with a lot of different traffic sources, a minor discrepancy in traffic may be observed (in these instances it's smaller than 0.05%, much less than half a percent).

Channel Traffic and Engagement

In Channel Traffic and Engagement, you can discover the quality of visitor traffic per channel.

In the table, you can see:

  • Note: Toggle Month to Date to gain valuable insights. Understand trends to date for traffic and engagement metrics per channel to adjust and optimize your acquisition strategies.

Traffic Sources

In Traffic Sources, you can see distinct sources driving traffic to your site.

In the table, you can see:


  • Organic & paid search are combined to Search.

  • Data is available from Aug 2018 at a monthly granularity.

Period over Period Comparisons

All Marketing Channel graphs are now supported with Period over Period analysis.

This will allow you to see period over period growth/decline of your Competitor’s Marketing channels in terms of a percentage and will clearly indicate which player is growing in which channel and who is leading and point towards where there has been more resource or investment made in a particular channel by those competitors.

You will be able to select the desired period to compare against based on your requirements: month over month, quarter over quarter, specific periods, or year over year.

As well as the above, the period over period analysis allows you to:

  • See changes in average growth per channel for an industry.

  • Show traffic sources that are new for the latest period, traffic sources that are no longer being leveraged, traffic sources that have grown/dropped but are still sending traffic for both periods

  • See growth/decline in absolute numbers and in growth % for engagement metrics per channel.

Now you should be ready to analyze your competitors, Marketing Mix!

Read our blog post on The Most Effective Marketing Channels for Your Business to learn more or visit Similarweb PRO to get started!

For more information on Mobile Web Marketing Channels, see Mobile Marketing Channels Analysis.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis > Overview > Marketing Channels

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Website Analysis > Acquisition > Marketing Channels

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Segment Analysis > Marketing Channels

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