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Discover the marketing channels sending the most traffic to you and your competitors to help you build a winning marketing strategy. 

Similarweb's fresh and reliable metrics cover a span of marketing channels and reveal the quantity and quality of traffic sent to a site(s) per traffic source.

What is the value?

The Marketing Channels overview page is packed full of valuable metrics and insights for each marketing channel. See what channels you are winning and where you may have opportunities to grow your traffic share, evaluate engagement and quality of traffic, and look for trends over time. Use these insights to guide how to create your channel strategy.

Using the insights:

  • Evaluate your website's digital performance by analyzing web traffic volume and engagement metrics across marketing channels.

  • Plan and prioritize marketing resources by analyzing the leading channels generating traffic for your competitors and industry leaders.
  • Get an overview of brand awareness by looking at direct and organic traffic sources.

  • View geographical market shares by setting the country filter to focus your analysis on desired markets.

  • Evaluate PPC effectiveness by measuring CPC, CTR, quality scores, etc.

  • and so much more! 

How to use Marketing Channels

To view the traffic performance of up to 5 websites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Website Analysis module. Enter a website and navigate to the Marketing Channels page.

  2. To target your analysis,

    • Click +Compare to add up to four additional sites.

    • Use the filters in the upper right to set the time period, country, and type of traffic (desktop, mobile web, or all traffic) that you would like to analyze.

  Note: For a deeper dive into each channel, click the link to each channel in the overview graph.

Marketing Channels Overview

Channel Traffic Insights

Marketing Channel Trends

View quick and easy-to-digest insights on significant fluctuations and traffic trends in key marketing channels. The insights can be used as a starting point to begin analyzing traffic changes over time and drill deeper into those changes to understand the ‘why’.

You can also get at-a-glance insights into your competitors’ channel traffic performance.

Marketing Channel trends insights

Marketing channel trends allows you to:

  • Understand recent changes in acquisition channels to get actionable insights toward your own digital marketing strategy.

  • Stay informed of competitors’ acquisition strategy to ensure competitive advantage.

  • Often traffic volume on one channel overshadows all other channels, and it's difficult to gain real insights at a glance - this highlights significant channel movements without having to dig them out.


  • Insights are calculated, and therefore only visible, for channels that exceed 50,000 visits for the whole time period.

  • Increase/decrease insights are displayed if the change is >10% month over month.

  • Trend insights are qualified by >5% growth/decline for the previous 3 consecutive months.

Period over Period Comparisons

All Marketing Channel graphs are supported with Period over Period analysis.

This will allow you to see period over period growth/decline of your competitor’s traffic acquisition channels in terms of a percentage. Identify which player is growing in which channel, and gain insight on where there has been more resources or investment made in a particular channel by those competitors.

You will be able to select the desired period to compare against based on your requirements: month over month, quarter over quarter, specific periods, or year over year.

As well as the above, the period over period analysis allows you to:

  • See changes in average growth per channel for an industry.

  • Show traffic sources that are new for the latest period, traffic sources that are no longer being leveraged, traffic sources that have grown/dropped but are still sending traffic for both periods.

  • See growth/decline in absolute numbers and in growth % for engagement metrics per channel.


Traffic Sources


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Try it now!  Website Analysis > Enter a website and go to Marketing Channels module.

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