Audience Interests shows the list of apps with a high probability of being used by the same audience as the selected app.

What is the value?

The cross-app affinity index reveals which other apps users of the analyzed app are engaged with. Use these insights to:

  • Understand your audience's interests and user preferences

  • Identify and evaluate potential partnership or cross-promotional opportunities

How to Use Audience Interests

Follow these steps to view Audience Interests insights for up to 5 app:

  1. Within the Competitive Research module, navigate to App Analysis.

  2. Enter an app in the search or choose from your list of saved apps and go to the Audience Interests page.

  3. To target your analysis:

    - Click +Add to compare up to 5 competitors.
    - Using the filters in the upper right, select the country, time period, and device type you'd like to analyze.

Key metrics & insights

  • Store Rank: App's daily top free ranking in its main category.

  • MAU (Monthly Active Users): The monthly average number of active users who have used the app in a given period.

  • Affinity Score: Affinity addresses how much more likely an app's user base is estimated to use an app compared to the general population. For example, user of app A are 2.5x more likely to use app B than the general population.

Feature Location

Try it now! App Analysis Premium > Enter an app and go to Audience Interests.

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