Discover company information and traffic and engagement insights with the new Company Overview page.

What is the value?

We know that as salespeople, you sell to companies - not websites. With Company Overview, you’ll find the insights you need to qualify leads more easily on a Company level. When you analyze a single domain, we’ll give you the option to view insights for all websites owned by that company.

Get a glimpse into the most important information about a company and its business, including sales pitch ideas and industry-tailored metrics.

Using Company Overview and Contacts provides you with all of the company information you need, in one place, to simplify and streamline your lead qualification process

How to use Company Overview

  1. From the Sales Intelligence homepage, enter a website to analyze.

  2. Go to the Company Overview page.

  3. Check the box under Website Visits to aggregate data from all company domains, or continue your analysis of just one website.

  4. To target your analysis, filter by:

    • Country: Include visits from a specific country(s) or worldwide.

    • Device type: Desktop, Mobile Web, or All Traffic

Key metrics & insights

Company Card

At the top of the Company Overview page, you’ll find basic company information as well as an indication of whether the account exists in the CRM and if so, who the owner is. Key metrics and insights include:

  • HQ Location: Location of company headquarters.

  • Employees: Number of employees.

  • Annual Revenue: Company's annual revenue - generated with information from multiple sources and calculated using our unique methodology.

Website Visits

Find high-level traffic and engagement and geographic insights for the analyzed company, including:

  • Total Visits: Sum of all visits in the most recent month.

  • Monthly Pageviews: Sum of all pageviews in the most recent month.

  • Monthly visits over time: View the monthly trend for the selected company over the selected time period (dependent on your historical data package).

  • Visits Geo Breakdown: View the traffic share between countries, as well as MoM change, visit duration, pages/visit, and bounce rate of visits from those geos.

Feature Location

Try it now! Sales Intelligence Homepage > Company Overview.

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