Similarweb provides accurate and reliable data estimations for the digital world. To do so, we continuously review and fine-tune our algorithms. On occasion, we go a step further in updating algorithms due to significant shifts in user behavior. 

As web consumption continues to shift to mobile, Similarweb data algorithms must be optimized to capture these changes in user behavior. That's why we're releasing a new algorithm for Similarweb App Intelligence on November 12, 2022. Combined with new data sources, this new algorithm improves Similarweb's accuracy while better reflecting app trends.

The update comes after enormous R&D efforts and delivers the highest standards of benchmarking excellence to give you a complete and accurate view of the digital world.

Similarweb data methodology refresher

Our data methodology uses a multidimensional approach to ensure that every data point we estimate is reliable and representative of a site's traffic and usage. To create a comprehensive view of the digital world, Similarweb relies on four primary data sources:

  • Direct Measurement Data

  • Contributory Network

  • Data Partnerships

  • Public Data Sources

To learn more, visit Similarweb Data Methodology.


Why the change?

We've added additional data sources that enable us to make more accurate App Data estimations by both trend and scale compared to our old algorithm. These upgrades provide estimations more representative of an app's usage.

What metrics are impacted?

This release will ONLY impact Similarweb App Intelligence data. All Similarweb App analytics data within our platform and any data pulled/obtained from our API will be impacted. 

Note: The release will not impact Similarweb App Intelligence powered by

  • Data impact for Android: The new data release impacts the following metrics within Similarweb App Intelligence for all apps, and countries, on Android:



    Install Penetration


    Unique Installs

    Session Data



    Audience Interests

  • Data impact for iOS: only MAU and downloads in the US will be impacted.

Non-estimated metrics (rankings, app's metadata) will not be impacted.

Historical Data: Upon release of the new algorithm, all historical data (thru November 1, 2020) in the platform will change. All data will be rerun through the new algorithm to ensure a valid comparison.

Important Note: You may notice inconsistencies in data if you've previously exported data from Similarweb and stored it in a data warehouse, data lake, or even a Google sheet. It's important to flag this if you're using the data for any internal analysis, decision-making, reporting, or other activity.

What's next?

The roll-out of the new algorithm will be completed on November 12, 2022.

At Similarweb, we continuously work to increase the breadth, depth, reliability, and accuracy of the digital insights available on our platform. The new algorithm is one step closer to giving you the perfect measure of the digital world. 

Contact your account manager or our customer support team with any questions.

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