Get a look at the overall performance of any app with App Performance. Analyze any app to find store ranking, install base, usage and engagement data.

What is the value?

The App Performance page provides several key performance indicators for the analyzed app.

  • Track the rank of any app across all categories and within a specific category

  • Understand the install base of an app

  • Benchmark an app's performance against competing apps

  • Track Monthly Active Users and Session Engagement

Use this "at-a-glance" view for a quick and comprehensive analysis of your app's performance, and add up to 4 competitors to gain valuable insights on the landscape of your competition.

How to Use App Performance

Follow these steps to view the performance overview of up to 5 apps:

  1. Within the Competitive Research module, navigate to App Analysis.

  2. Enter the app in the search or choose from your list of saved apps and go to the App Performance page.

  3. To target your analysis:

    - Click +Add to compare up to 5 competitors.
    - Using the filters in the upper right, select the country, time period, and device type you'd like to analyze.
  4. As you scroll through the insights available on the App Performance page, you can click the More Insights button on a widget to delve into that metric.

Key metrics & insights

  • Store Rank: App's position in the selected country.

  • Install Base: The average number of devices with the app installed in the analyzed period.

  • Monthly Active Users: The average number of active users who have used the app in a given period (Monthly).

  • Total Sessions: The total amount of times that active users opened the app per month.

  • Avg. Time Spent: The monthly average time spent in-app, per user.

  • Avg. Sessions: The average number of times each active user opened the app per month.


Feature Location

Try it now! App Analysis Premium > Enter an app and go to App Performance.

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