View the percentage of users who continue engaging with an app after their initial engagement.

What is the value?

Retention rate for a mobile app shows product, marketing, insights, and strategy teams the percentage of users who found enough value to return and re-engage with the app 30 days after the app was first opened. In most cases, a higher retention rate reflects a high level of product stickiness, a better user experience,  a higher perceived user value, and potentially higher levels of monetization. If too many users drop off before they perform a critical in-app event, your app might not achieve its goals.

By understanding this drop-off, teams can more quickly determine the root cause of churn and begin to implement fixes that mitigate this churn. Understanding retention rate is critical for any successful app, as it is far more beneficial (and cost-effective) to retain users than it is to obtain new users.

How to use

  1. Within the Competitive Research tool, go to App Analysis.

  2. Enter an app in the search or choose from your list of save apps and go to Ranking History or Daily Ranking.

  3. To target your analysis:

    - Click +Add to add up to 4 more apps.
    - Using the filters in the upper right, select the country, time period, and device type you'd like to analyze.
Retention over time

View the retention rate of an app(s) overtime to visualize the trend. Benchmark your app to the category average to understand how you are stacking up against your competitive landscape.

Historical Retention

The Historical Retention table is a visual heatmap of retention rate for an app over the last 11 months. A darker shade of blue indicates a higher retention rate relative to the rest of the anlayzed time period. With this table, you can view retention rates per month on Day 0-7, 14, and 30.

Using these insights

Comparing retention rates between apps operating within a specific category can shed light on an app’s relative performance in its respective market. A clear upward or downward trend in retention rate over time could represent a change in an app’s user flow, monetization structure, features, audience mix, or technical issues among other factors.

Key metrics & insights

Feature Location

Try it now! App Analysis> Enter an app and go to User Retention.

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