View the monthly average number of devices with the analyzed app installed.

What is the value?

Install base allows you to understand an app’s market share. Evaluate the user base of your competitors’ apps to benchmark yourself and understand the reach of your app. 

Analyze an app’s install base vs. its active users to identify the potential to activate more users. Use these insights to help make business decisions regarding where you should focus your efforts - on the acquisition of new users, or activation of existing users (retargeting campaigns, engagement tools, etc.)

How to use

Follow these steps to view the install base of up to 5 apps:

  1. Within the Competitive Research tool, navigate to App Analysis.

  2. Enter an app in the search or choose from your list of saved apps and go to the Install Base page.

  3. To target your analysis:

    - Click +Add to compare up to 5 competitors.
    - Using the filters in the upper right, select the country, time period, and device type you'd like to analyze.

Key metrics & insights

  • Install Base: The monthly average number of devices with the app installed in the selected time period.


    This metric does not take into account app usage.

Feature Location

Try it now! App Analysis Premium > Enter an app and go to Install Base.

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