Cut through the manual work and easily compare keywords and topics to uncover opportunities for your own strategy with Keyword Comparison.

Keyword Comparison

What is the value?

Keyword Comparison lets you compare and benchmark up to 5 keywords or keyword lists, presenting all the relevant keyword performance metrics in one place. It’s a useful tool for many different marketing purposes, from SEO to PPC to content research. You can also use it for a market overview by comparing topics or products.

Here are some ways you can use the Keyword Comparison tool:

  • Fine-tune your SEO research by qualifying new keywords

  • Uncover hidden opportunities for your PPC campaign

  • Prioritize your content list according to the search term that trends the highest

  • Explore new ideas for naming a product

  • Grow your understanding of the market demand by comparing products

How to use Keyword Comparison

To compare up to five keywords or keyword lists, follow these steps:

  1. Within the Search Module, under Keyword Analysis, go to Keyword Comparison.

  2. Select up to 5 keywords or keyword lists to compare.

Key metrics & insights

  • Monthly Volume: A comparison of the search volume each keyword or keyword list generates.

  • Monthly Search Visits: A comparison of the number of visits (clicks) each of the keywords receives.

    Search Visits Search Volume
  • Trends Over Time: Monthly Volume and Traffic trends from the last 12 months. Get a visual overview for Volume, Visits, and Organic vs. Paid split to discover changes and seasonal trends.

    Trends over Time
  • Keyword Metrics: This table gives an in-depth view into each search term. Compare keywords by understanding the difference in Keyword Difficulty score, share of Zero Clicks and CPC.

    Keyword Metrics


Q: In the Trends over Time graph > Search visits tab, how should I interpret the data I see in the “#” view vs. “%” view?

Trends over time Keyword comparison

A: The “#” view shows a trend of the traffic of each keyword, similar to how Google Trends gives you a general trend per search term. 

The “%” view sums the traffic of all keywords/keyword lists at each point in time, and shows what percentage each one has out of that 100%.  

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