Keyword Difficulty is a numeric measure (0-100) that represents how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword in search engines.

The keyword difficulty score is calculated based on a number of factors, including the number of competing websites, website quality, and backlinks.


Using the keyword difficulty score

The Keyword Difficulty score is often used by SEO managers and digital marketers use the keyword difficulty score to determine which keywords to target in their SEO and content marketing strategies.

  • Evaluate and target keywords with less competition to help improve your rankings.

  • Discover low to moderate difficulty long-tail keywords.

  • Better understand your current rankings for specific keywords, and what it would require to improve your position.

  • Use the difficulty level to prioritize and plan any SEO strategy. Optimize your strategy more efficiently by understanding which keywords have the most SEO potential.

Tip: If you’re a newer site, consider targeting keywords with lower keyword difficulty, meaning there’s less competition, and you will be able to rank faster.

How is Similarweb keyword difficulty measured?

The Keyword Difficulty score is represented as a numeric value between 1- 100, with higher scores indicating greater difficulty.

1 - 20: Easy

Keywords with little or no competition. Here you will find the best opportunities to rank higher on SERPs. Many of the long-tail keywords will appear within this group.

21-80: Moderate

Keywords with more competition - gradually increasing as the score goes up. Gaining a higher ranking for a keyword in this range will require more optimization efforts.

81-100: Difficult

Keywords with the most competition as they usually also have the highest traffic potential. Winning these keywords will require the most effort, especially for newer websites.

Feature Location

You can find the Keyword Difficulty metric within many of the pages and tools in the Acquisition Research module in Similarweb, including:

Keyword Gap Tools
Keyword Generator Tool
Keyword Overview (Under Analyze Keywords)
And, in the Keyword Analysis page (within the Website Analysis / Competitive Research section)
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