A session is a period of time where a user interacts with an app. Session time is a primary measure for user engagement as it records the length and frequency of end-user.

Similarweb slices sessions metrics in several ways:

  • Sessions Per User: The average number of sessions for a user in a day. 

  • Avg Session Time: The average session length for a user in a day.

  • Total Session time: The average total session time a user spends in the app in a day.


At Similarweb, a session is triggered by the opening of an app. A session ends when a user closes the app or moves to another app.

Sessions Per User = Total number of Sessions / Number of active users (calculated daily)  

Avg Session Time = Total session time / number of sessions (calculated daily) 

Total Session time = Total session time / Number of active users (calculated daily)

Using these metrics

These metrics help our customers answer the critical questions needed to build a highly successful engagement strategy.

By combining analysis of session metadata (e.g., avg sessions time) and then analyzing behavior across a user base, app businesses can identify opportunities or problems within their apps that can be optimized for improved user retention and user engagement.


You can data on App Sessions within the App Analysis Module > Engagement page

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