Keywords Data 2.0 is our new and improved keywords database that offers considerable advances in measuring and delivering insights.

What does hybrid keyword data mean for you?

  • 10X more keyword coverage. Our advanced algorithm now includes a vast new SERP dynamic database which means you get more visibility. Your analysis covers ever more web data, translating into a detailed and complete overview.

  • Better mobile visibility. The changes to the underlying data enable us to identify desktop traffic vs. mobile traffic more precisely than ever before. You get more insights on mobile traffic as well as new metrics! This will enable higher certainty and precision as you determine how & where to invest your marketing budget.

  • World-class accuracy & freshness. The success of your SEO and PPC campaigns is directly related to your keyword selection. Keywords 2.0 leverages behavioral data and advanced algorithms to ensure the accuracy and freshness of all keywords data. With it, you’ll find new and improved calculations to core SEO metrics such as Volume, Keyword Visits (traffic), Zero-Clicks, and more.

Why “hybrid”?

Hybrid Keywords 2.0 combines two types of data:

  • Contributory network - Including real behavioral data from actual users.

  • Public datasets - We’ve integrated a vast new database of public data using SERPs (search engine results pages), growing our coverage significantly.

Where can I find Keywords data 2.0 on the platform?

Keywords data 2.0 is the foundation of our Search Volume metric.

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