Mobile Traffic 2.0 is Similarweb's new generation tool delivering fresh and reliable data and insights on mobile search traffic.



What is the value?

To do proper keyword analysis, it’s crucial to understand the search traffic that comes from mobile. With the Mobile Traffic 2.0 tool you get an in-depth view of the search volume and visits for any keyword, in addition to a detailed outlook of all the competition. In today’s mobile-first world, it’s priceless information.

Using Mobile Traffic data, you can:

  • Get a detailed overview of search volume as well as the split between mobile and desktop

  • Monitor mobile search visits (clicks) for both organic and paid traffic.

  • Analyze traffic share and trends using a visual overview

  • Learn about the competition for any time period and location

  • Discover top websites and the amount of search traffic they receive

  • Drill down to view top URLs and their SERP position. Evaluate further to find winning ideas for engaging content.

  • Filter to see top competition by industry, site type paid or organic traffic, and more

How to use Mobile Traffic tools and insights

  1. Within the Keyword Research module, go to Mobile Traffic 2.0.

  2. Enter a keyword in the search bar or select a keyword list.

Key metrics & insights:

  • Total Search Volume: The average number of times per month a keyword is searched in Google. See the traffic split between desktop and mobile volume

  • Mobile Search Visits: The number of clicks the keyword received by users on mobile devices as well as the split between organic and paid

  • CPC: The estimated cost per click of the keyword


The Mobile Traffic Distribution Over Time gives a visual overview showing the keyword Traffic Share per website, month by month.  Use the check box on the right to choose which top domains to include or try the search bar on top to look for a particular domain.

To view absolute volume for each domain click Traffic Trend.


The Mobile Traffic Breakdown table gives a view of the mobile search traffic to the analyzed websites. See the search traffic visits (in absolutes and %), the change in traffic volume, highest-ranking URLs for a specific keyword.


The AMP indicator tells if the website uses Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages.

When viewing the traffic breakdown, use the filters at the top of the table to get an even more in-depth view.

Filter to see either organic or paid traffic and discover competitors in each one of these areas. You can also filter to view website type and discover which one of these sites uses AMP.


Q: Why is this change important?

Mobile traffic now accounts for 50% of total traffic, which makes it more important than ever to get detailed data. Mobile Traffic 2.0 improves the accuracy and coverage of mobile data, alongside new metrics that help to dive deep into mobile keyword analysis.

Q: What's new in Mobile Traffic 2.0

With mobile traffic insights, you can

- Get an overview of the search volume split between desktop and mobile
- Measure the total amount of mobile search visits per month
- Analyze the difference in Organic vs. Paid mobile visits
- Monitor the number of mobile visits each competitor receives
- Discover which of the ranking websites have AMP

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