Use the Similarweb lead generation and enrichment tools and its Salesforce integrations to quickly and seamlessly discover and manage valuable new prospect opportunities.


Easily Export Lead Lists to Salesforce

The Salesforce integration feature in the Similarweb Sales Intelligence solution allows you to seamlessly export lead lists and other valuable insights from our powerful Lead Generator tool into your Salesforce account.

Using these powerful lead generation tools and the seamless Salesforce integration, you can:

  • Quickly and effectively discover new and highly qualified leads.

  • Exclude accounts you already have in Salesforce so you can focus on net new opportunities

  • Export contacts, leads, & account lists directly to Salesforce

  • Populate Salesforce data fields with many relevant metrics and insights

Once connected, the system automatically syncs daily, so you never miss an opportunity! Syncing the data can also be manually initiated using the Export to Salesforce option.


This integration is only available if you have one of the following Salesforce editions:

Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, or Professional with Salesforce API add-on.

How to set up your Salesforce integration

Similarweb account administrators can connect their Similarweb and Salesforce accounts and set up the integration in a few easy steps.



Setting up the connection:

  1. Login to Similarweb Sales Intelligence with an Admin account.

  2. Click the Setup icon to access the Management page.

  3. In the Salesforce Integration section, click Connect.

    Note: The Terms and Conditions agreement is presented. Review and click I Accept to proceed.

  4. The Salesforce platform will launch and prompt you with the remaining steps to complete the setup within Salesforce.

    Note: Your organization’s Salesforce Administrator must complete this portion of the setup.

With Similarweb and Salesforce successfully connected, the Management page will indicate that the integration is successful by displaying the Synced indicator.  The disconnect icon is now available for managing the connection.



Managing the integration

Once connected, Administrators should click on the management button to define the integration parameters. There are two integration elements to activate and define:  Exclude Accounts and Export Preferences.



Account Exclusion:  The Exclude Accounts feature allows you to exclude existing accounts from the lead-generator search results. You can exclude all accounts, only accounts owned by specific people and/or accounts with specific values in a selected field.

  1. Login with an Admin account. Click the Setup icon.

  2. Use the toggle to activate the Account exclusion feature.

  3. Select a field to allow users to further refine their exclusion based on the values of that field.


Export Preferences:  Activate the Export Preferences option to map and export Similarweb data fields to Salesforce.  Export company information, traffic metrics, industry insights, etc.

  1. Use the toggle to activate which record types users can export.

  2. Click on Edit field mapping to map the Similarweb data fields to be exported to Salesforce.

  3. For each record type, verify the default fields are mapped to the correct fields in Salesforce.

  4. To add Similarweb data fields, click Add Fields.  Then, choose the fields you’d like to export into Salesforce, and click Add.

    Tip:  Add valuable data fields that will make it easy to sort, qualify and prioritize your list of prospects. Suggesting data includes company and industry information, web traffic metrics, demographic insights, and more.

  5. Once the selected fields have been added, you can map the newly added Similarweb fields to your Salesforce fields by selecting them in the dropdown menu under the Salesforce field column.

How to export lead lists to Salesforce

You can easily export your lead list, along with many valuable metrics and insights, directly to Salesforce from the Lead Generator tool.

  1. Within the Sales Intelligence Solution, use the Lead Generator tool to discover a list of qualified leads, here.

  2. The Exclude options on the results page allow you to set exclusion parameters to filter out leads or domains that already exist in your Salesforce account.

  3. To export the lead list, click Export > Export to Salesforce.

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