By creating a suppression list, you can exclude irrelevant domains, for example, clients or prospects you are already working with.

What is the Value?

There are websites that are irrelevant for the team to target (e.g. accounts in your CRM, companies not appropriate for outreach, etc.), so having each team member exclude them by themselves is a waste of time. By applying an organization-wide suppression list, the team can solely focus on relevant opportunities.

How to Create the Suppression List

  1. From the left bar navigation, click the Management icon, and then Upload.

    Note: This menu allows admins to upload an organizational-wide suppression list so your team can easily exclude those accounts from their search results. Members of your team will have the option to check a box to exclude the suppression list that you upload if they so choose.

  2. Add the websites you want to exclude in a single column .csv file, values in the first row will be treated as headers. Do not include domains in other columns.

  3. Click Upload File.

Note: Once you've added your suppression list, it will be available in the Exclude filter section in the Lead Generator.

How to Apply the Exclusion Filter

  1. In the Filters section of the Lead Generator, select Exclude.

  2. Click Plus next to By Suppression List.

  3. Mark the checkbox to exclude websites in the suppression list.

  4. Click Save Search.


Feature Location

Sales Intelligence > Management (left bar navigation)

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