Under Loyalty & Retention, you can find three graphs:

Purchase Frequency

The Purchase Frequency graph shows the distribution of purchase frequency in the last 12 months:  purchasers who made one transaction, purchasers who made 2-4 transactions, and purchasers who made five or more transactions that included the selected brand. 

You can analyze purchase frequency by a unique customer or by the number of transactions.


Tip: Use the purchase frequency graph to understand the buying power for each customer group.

New vs Returning Customers

In the New vs. Returning Customers graph, you can analyze the distribution of new and returning customers.

  • New customers: customers who made their first purchase in the past month 

  • Returning customers: customers who made at least one prior purchase in the past 12 months.

Days Since Last Purchase

The Days Since Last Purchase graph uncovers the distribution of returning customers based on the number of days since their last purchase of the selected brand.


Tip: Use the new vs. returning customers data to adjust your marketing strategy to different types of customers.

Subscribe & Save vs. One-Time Purchases

The Subscribe & Save vs. One-Time Purchases graph allows you to analyze subscribe & save's impact on brand revenues, estimate how many new customers you're losing to Amazon's subscription program, and evaluate subscribe & save's potential for your brand.


Feature Location

Shopper Intelligence > Brands > Loyalty & Retention

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