Under Cross-Shopping, Cross-Shopping Highlights will help you identify your top competitors in different categories. In the table, you’ll find the percentage of users who viewed the brand you’re analyzing and also viewed a competitor brand within a 30-min session. The brand presents the selected brand’s top four competitors by affinity.


The Top Competitor Brands insights enable you to better understand the competitive landscape of the brand you’re analyzing. Relevancy, Competitor Overlap, and Brand Share of Competition are key metrics used to evaluate cross-shopping behaviors.

In the table, you can view:

  • Relevancy: Affinity between the selected brand and the competitor brand

  • Competitive Overlap: Percentage of users who viewed the selected brand's products and also the competitor brand's products. For example, if you’re analyzing Nike and the competitive overlap for Adidas is 23%, it means that 23% of consumers who viewed Nike’s products also viewed Adidas’ products. 

  • Brand Share of Competition: Percentage of users who viewed the competitor brand's products and viewed the selected brand's products. For example, if you’re analyzing Under Armour and the brand share of competition for New Balance is 20%, it means that 20% of consumers who viewed New Balance’s products also viewed Under Armour’s products.


Tip: Sort by Competitive Overlap to see the brands most users viewed when browsing through your brand’s products.

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Shopper Intelligence > Brands > Cross-Shopping

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