Benchmarking helps users analyze and overlay sales trends for multiple brands or categories in one dedicated place.


How to Use Benchmarking

  1. At the top of the page, click to compare brands or categories.

  2. Select a brand/category and then add another brand/category to compare to.

  3. Click +Add Brand/+Add Category to add up to 3 more brands/categories.

Note: You can filter to include All Amazon Mutual Brands or Amazon Renewed.

To compare new combinations of brands and categories:

  1. At the top of the page, click Brand & Category Combinations.

  2. Select a brand and category, and then compare to another brand and category.

Note: Click +Add to add up to for brand/category comparisons.

The Monthly Brand/Category Performance graph allows you to analyze brand/category performance over time.

  • Units Sold: Number of units sold by the selected brand, in the selected domain, and time frame

  • Revenue: Amount of revenue generated by the selected brand in the selected domain and time frame

  • Product Views: Number of unique product views for the selected domain, brand, and time frame. Multiple views of a specific product by a user within a 30-minute session are counted as one product view.

  • CVR: Conversion rate is calculated by dividing unique purchases by product views for the selected brand, domain, and time frame

Note: The default displays Total for a Single Period. You can also filter to show Share, and Year over Year (YoY), and Month over Month (MoM) data.

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