Search for new affiliate partners by industry and discover a list of potential quality partnerships.


In this article, we'll show you how to find the best referral websites in your industry using a more targeted approach to the discovery of affiliates that rank highly in your industry.

What is the value

Looking at referral traffic at the industry level can help you discover relevant affiliate opportunities and top referral domains sending traffic to websites in your specific industry. Once you've found some affiliates of interest, add them to partner lists to further qualify and monitor the partners.

How to use

To find potential affiliate partners by industry:


  2. Select the Industry, or choose a custom industry previously created.

  3. Set the Geographic region, and click Find Affiliates.

  4. On the Affiliates by Industry page, get a top-line overview of the referral traffic volume and the leading sites receiving the most incoming traffic in the industry.

    Set the filter to Content Publishing Websites.


    In the results table for affiliates by industry, you will find key several metrics to help you evaluate and qualify:

    • Referral Leaders: the top websites receiving the most incoming traffic

    • Websites: the referral websites driving traffic

Next Steps: Once you've identified affiliates of interest, select the checkbox next to each domain. Create an industry Partner List for further analysis.

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