Define any company based on the multiple websites or domains they own, to reveal their aggregated digital reach and performance at a company level. Then, define other company entities in a given market and quickly compare their digital performance.

What is the Value?

The introduction of Company Analysis tools provides visibility to a business's size base and performance in the market by analyzing and reporting at the company entity level, which is how competitors are viewed by the business.

How to Use Company Analysis

  1. Click +New Company to create a new company.

  2. Enter a name of a company to analyze.

  3. Add the websites that are owned by the company you'd like to analyze. You can select sites from the suggestions list, or manually add additional websites

      Tip: You can add segments to your custom company

  4. When finished, click Create Company.

Traffic and Engagement

You can see the Total Audience graph, which is the total number of unique visitors of the entire company. This metrics is the deduplication of unique visitors for the group of assets that defines the company.

In Traffic Engagement Overtime, you can see:

In the table, you can see:

Feature Location

Try it now! Company Analysis.

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