Discover the top publisher domains driving display and paid traffic to your competitors and within your industry.


What is the value?

Identify the publishers sending traffic to a select website, a competitor set of sites, or across an industry to reveal which publisher domains work best for your competitors. Utilize these insights to drive your own ad strategy.

  • Search for Publishers by Industry to reveal publisher sites that are best performing at sending traffic to the industry.

  • Search for Publishers by Competition to view the list of publishers actively displaying your competitor's ads.

How to use

To find the top publishers driving ad referral traffic to the analyzed domains or industry, follow these steps:

  1. To Find Publishers, go to the Advertising module and select Find Publishers.

    Note: This feature is available in multiple modules. See Feature Location.

  2. Choose Find Publishers by Industry or by Competitor.

    By Industry: Select the Industry from the list. Set the Geographic region filter.

    By Competitor: Enter the website domain to be analyzed. Click +Add Competitor to add up to four additional sites.

  3. Using the filters on the top-right, set the month and geographic region.

  4. Use the All Networks and All Industries filters to further refine the results list to view relevant publishing sites for your requirements.


Tip: Use the Analyze Publisher tool to reveal even more insight on a publisher. Find all the advertisers and ad networks working with that publisher, how much outgoing traffic they drive in general and to where as well as which industries, how many ads have been placed on the publishing site over the analyzed period, and much more.


Key metrics & insights:

  • Publisher: the list of publisher domains in order by traffic share.

  • Industry: the industry or sub-industry in which the domain belongs.

  • Total Traffic Share: the % of traffic share sent by this domain to the analyzed websites

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