See the best-performing landing pages being visited through PPC campaigns for any website, and drill down further to reveal the ads and keywords driving traffic, and the estimated spend on the paid activities with the Paid Landing Pages tool.


What is the value?

Using insights from competitors' Paid Landing Pages, Performance Marketing and PPC Managers can strategically and tactically make decisions that will drive maximum ROI from their own campaigns.

Get an upfront view of:

  • Landing pages that receive the most paid traffic for any website

  • The best-performing search ads competitors are running to drive campaign traffic

  • The best-performing paid keywords driving traffic to each landing page

  • the estimated PPC spend per landing page campaign

Using the insights from top paid landing pages, you can:

  • Build keyword groups directly from the page that can inform and enable your campaigns

  • Review the copy and messaging on the landing pages that have the greatest success/engagement

How to use

To reveal which of your competitors' pages get the most paid traffic, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Search section in the Acquisition Channels module and go to Paid Landing Pages.

    Note: This feature is available in multiple modules. See Feature Location

  2. Select a website to analyze.

  3. The page displays a list of the top URLs and key metrics and insights:


    Traffic Share: Estimated paid traffic share to the URL compared to the site's total paid traffic

    URL Spend: Spend estimation for the URL calculated using CPC and paid visits per month

    Top Keyword and # of Keywords driving traffic to the site

    Ads: the total number of search Ads driving traffic to the site


    Get an estimation of how much a competitor has invested in a specific campaign through the URL Spend metric, incredibly useful for budgeting and analyzing ROI.

  4. Click All Keywords to see the paid keywords driving traffic to the selected landing page.


    Select desired keywords to add your keyword groups for use in your own campaigns. Or, download the complete list of keywords by selecting the Excel icon. Then, upload the list to your campaign.

  5. Click the Ads drop down to see the text ads and messaging that have been used to drive traffic to the Landing Page as well as their page positions.

Feature Location

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