Ever wonder which web pages rank on the search engine results page for a specific organic keyword? Well, wonder no more.

With the SERP Snapshot tool, you can get a glimpse into the search engine results page, or SERP, for any organic keyword and supercharge your keyword research.


The SERP Snapshot tool provides visibility into the search engine results page for organic keywords and, specifically, the position and performance of keyword search results. See the change in position, and dive into each search SERP Feature, such as Videos, News, or Product Listing Ads, to see the websites positioned within each feature.

What is the Value

When analyzing keyword searches, it's important to look beyond traffic volume and consider the positioning of the search results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). is a key to audience discovery of content. With the SERP Snapshot, see the list of organic results, in order of position, from the top 10 pages of Google search results.

Then, take a look at the different SERP features containing ranked websites, and drill down into the feature to see the domains and positions.

Using the SERP Snapshot insights, you can:

  • Discover and qualify new keywords, including long-tail keywords

  • Monitor your SEO performance and the status of SERP results

  • Evaluate the different SERP features that contain top-ranked search result

  • View all classic organic results on the top 10 pages within Google in the order of their position

How to use SERP Snapshot

Working within the Digital Marketing solution:

  1. From the Keyword Research tool, go to Analyze Keywords and enter a keyword.

  2. Select SERP Snapshot from the left sidebar.

The SERP Snapshot page provides a clean overview of the search results page for the analyzed keyword during the selected time frame.

Use the filters in the upper right to set the desired date, geographic region , and traffic type.

Narrow the scope of the search results by specifying terms to included and/or excluded in the page results.

SERP Features: See the # of websites ranking for each feature. Drill down to see domains and position.



  • Last Updated: represents the date in the month that the data was collected

  • Position: represents the last updated position of the domain

  • Change: the change in position from the previous month


This snapshot provides visibility into the SERP for an organic keyword - including the SERP features that were presented at the top of the results page, and the list of websites.

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