The app ranking tools provide valuable data and insights into the ranking position of an app within the app store, and tracks the app’s ranking position over time. 

See the daily position of an App, and track rank history over time using the Ranking History and Daily Ranking tools.

What is the Value?

Store ranking data is taken directly from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store ranking and is referred to as the “ground truth” for app developers and all other players in the app ecosystem.

Daily Ranking gives a picture of where an app is available and in how many countries the app is top-ranked. See how the app is performing on a daily basis around the world (i.e. in different markets) to benchmark your performance.

Ranking History provides historical perspective of an app’s success in reaching its audience (Top Free apps) and generating revenue (Top Grossing apps & Top Paid apps).


Each platform, device, country, and category combination has its own top chart rankings each day.

How to Use App Ranking

To view App Store Ranking data for up to 5 apps, follow these steps:

  1. Within the Competitive Research module, go to App Analysis.

  2. Enter an app in the search or choose from your list of save apps and go to Ranking History or Daily Ranking.

  3. To target your analysis:

    - Click +Add to add up to 4 more apps.
    - Using the filters in the upper right, select the country, time period, and device type you'd like to analyze.
    - Filter by "Top Free" or "Top Grossing".
Ranking History

View an app's rank over time compared to all other apps in the app store, or focus on the app's rank in relation to other apps in the same category.

Daily Ranking

App achievements show the breakdown of the number of countries where an app was ranking in the top 1, top 50, top 100, and top 500 to get an understanding of the app's performance across different markets.

In the table below, you can view the ranking of an app in all countries that it is available.

Key metrics & insights:

  • Store Rank: App's ranking for the relevant date, in the specified country.

  • Change: Day-over-day change in ranking.

  • App Category

  • Top Free Apps

  • Top Grossing Apps


How is an app's rank calculated?

App rankings come directly from the Google Play or iOS app store. Rank is an app store metric and we do not have any visibility into their ranking algorithm.

Is App Store Rank data impacted by the Google algorithm change?

App Data: Google Play Rank Issue


Beginning of May 17, 2022, Google made several changes to information displayed within the Google Play store.

Our team has noticed varying impacts on the data presented in our platform (and through our API) related to the Ranks and Reviews (along with other corresponding data) in all countries where we have Google Play Store coverage.

This issue impacts both Similarweb App Intelligence and Similarweb App Intelligence powered by See below for a list of the impacted metrics. 

Our team is continuing to research a workaround for this issue. Please refer back to this article for updates.

Scope and Impact of data acquisition issue



Similarweb App Intelligence






Google Play store ranks

Google Play store App category ranks


Solution & Platform Area

Digital Research Intelligence: Similarweb App Intelligence & Similarweb App Intelligence powered by



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