Measure and track your digital market share and performance of your competitive landscape.


What is the Value?

Discover a new way to perform ongoing monitoring of your competitive landscape, which surfaces actionable insights (in-platform and in the future email alerts) about the metrics that matter to you the most.

It provides an ‘apples to apple’ comparison by comparing your company to a section of a website that can be aggregated to measure the digital footprint of your digital performance and benchmark against your direct competition for up to 25 key players at a time.

So you don’t miss any important changes in your competitor landscape, identify areas where your company is underperforming and discover emerging threats using smart insights to improve your digital strategy and win your market.

How to Use Competitive Tracking

Setting up your first tracker is easy! In this example, we’ll use CNN and the audience development team needs to track and monitor other tech publications that directly compete with the CNN Tech section.

Currently, you can build up to three competitive trackers at a time.

To set up your first tracker:

  1. Click My Trackers > + Create New Tracker.

  2. Select up to 25 websites (or segments) to add to the tracker.

  3. Select your industry and region, and click Next.

  4. Name your tracker and review your criteria, and then click Create Tracker.


In the graph, you can see:

You can:

  • Quickly identify any changes or track growth over time.

  • Discover insights about your competitors to learn more.

  • Be alerted to changes in your competitor landscape and click Discover More to immediately uncover any digital blindspots.



How is it different from Workspace?

Competitive Tracking is an evolution of the Workspace feature. Based on user feedback, and our commitment to increasing speed-to-insight on the platform, we have improved how you can quickly and easily track your direct competitors and gain a holistic view of your landscape.

The main differences are that the Workspace is website-only, limited to up to 5 competitors, and there are no smart insights included in the analysis.

How is Competitive Tracking different from dashboards?

Dashboards are an effective way to analyze your digital performance, where you can combine several reports in one place. The main difference is you analyze up to five competitors at one time (website only) and pin different data points to get the digital full picture.

What other entities will be supported?

In the future, we plan to support Companies (that are built with the upcoming Company Analysis feature) and apps.

How many trackers can I build?

Currently, you can build up to three trackers. In the future, this number will increase based on feedback while the feature is in BETA.

How fresh are the insights?

The insights are refreshed on a weekly basis.

Is this a desktop-only feature?

Yes, Desktop only.

Is the date range fixed?

Yes, the tracker is only available for a fixed range of either 12 months (for Digital Research and Digital Essential packages) or 13 months so that you can continuously track your competitor landscape and dive deeper into specific insights that are surfaced by the platform.

Feature Location

Digital Research Intelligence > My Trackers > Competitive Tracking

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