Highlight and comment on important insights using annotations. Annotations are visible to other users on your account - making it easy to share notable traffic events (dips or spikes in traffic), seasonal trends, competitor strategies and wins, and more.

What is the Value?

Annotating data points in graphs is a powerful way to add context, denote value, track insights of interest, and collaborate with your colleagues on your strategies.   Leaving annotations on graphs within Similarweb will help you:  

  • Add context to data, making it easier to interpret. 

  • Highlight and share the most important insights with your teammates. 

  • Keep track of previous findings and revisit them at a later time.

How to Add and Edit Annotations

The ability to add annotations is available on select graphs within the Website Performance, Marketing Channels, and Traffic & Engagement.

To add an annotation:

  1. Hover over the chart and click the annotation icon.

    Note: Annotations are associated with the date (x-axis).

  2. Enter the desired text.

  3. Click Publish to save the annotation.


To view/edit an annotation:

  1. Once published, the annotation will be visible by clicking on the small indicator icon on the graph.

  2. Click on the annotation icon, hover over the text and click Edit. From there, you can either edit the annotation or delete it entirely.



Can I add annotations to any type of graph?

Currently, it is only possible to add annotations to select line graphs on the Website Performance, Marketing Channels, and Traffic & Engagement pages.

Are my annotations private?

Annotations are visible to all users on your Similarweb account.

Why do my annotations still appear when I change the website/country?

Currently, annotations are connected to the specific dates they were attached to. They will still be visible if you adjust the analyzed website, country, device type, or sub-domain toggle.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis > Website Performance 

Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis > Marketing Channels

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Website Analysis > Website Performance

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Website Analysis > Traffic & Engagement

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Website Analysis > Marketing Channels

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