Analyze the performance of any product on Amazon and create custom categories and reports for up to 1,000 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers).


What is the Value?

Analyze product-level performance metrics and gain a comprehensive view of product attributes for every ASIN. Every product on Amazon has a 10-digit unique ASIN that can be found in the product page URL.

With Amazon product analysis, you can:

  • Input any single ASIN (not just top products) for a comprehensive view of sales metrics and product attributes, including Amazon badges!

  • Understand the impact of product pricing on sales by overlaying listing price with units sold & revenue over time.

  • Group up to 1,000 ASINs together to create custom categories, for a report that aligns with your market definition.

  • Analyze ASIN sets in aggregate or breakdown view and get the top winners and growth drivers within the set.

  • Generate new product ideas based on high-performing ASINs in your category.

How to Use Amazon Products

  1. From Shopper Intelligence > Products, enter an ASIN or multiple ASINs and click Add. You can either type in the ASIN or paste a list of up to 1,000 ASINs from a spreadsheet.


    If you enter a child ASIN of a product (child ASINs are used for products with variations, such as color/size), you will have the option to select its parent ASIN to continue.

    You can create custom product groups based on certain criteria for categories & brands, and then define ranges for product attributes (price, reviews, ratings), and even filter by product name. To get started, click Create Product Group.

  2. Click See Report.


Metrics and Insights

The Monthly Performance insights for the select ASINs include:

  • Units Sold: Number of units sold in the selected domain and time frame.

  • Revenue: Amount of revenue generated in the selected domain and time frame.

  • Product Views: Number of unique product views in the selected domain and time frame. Multiple views of a specific product by a user within a 30-minute session are counted as one product view.

  • AVG. Listing Price: Average price in the selected domain and time frame.

  • AVG. Rating: Average rating (up to 5 stars) in the selected domain and time frame.

  • AVG. Reviews: Average number of reviews in the selected domain and time frame


  • When analyzing multiple ASINs, toggle from the Aggregated data view to Breakdown to see metrics by item.

  • Choose any two metrics to overlay in the chart.

Note: When analyzing multiple ASINs you can filter the table by title or ASIN.

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