Analyze the performance of any product on Amazon and create custom categories and reports for up to 1,000 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers).


What is the Value?

Analyze product-level performance metrics and gain a comprehensive view of product attributes for every ASIN. Every product on Amazon has a 10-digit unique ASIN that can be found in the product page URL.

With Amazon product analysis, you can:

  • Input any single ASIN (not just top products) for a comprehensive view of sales metrics and product attributes, including Amazon badges!

  • Understand the impact of product pricing on sales by overlaying listing price with units sold & revenue over time.

  • Group up to 1,000 ASINs together to create custom categories, for a report that aligns with your market definition.

  • Analyze ASIN sets in aggregate or breakdown view and get the top winners and growth drivers within the set.

  • Generate new product ideas based on high-performing ASINs in your category.

How to Use Amazon Products

  1. From Shopper Intelligence > Products, enter an ASIN or multiple ASINs and click Add. You can either type in the ASIN or paste a list of up to 1,000 ASINs from a spreadsheet.


    If you enter a child ASIN of a product (child ASINs are used for products with variations, such as color/size), you will have the option to select its parent ASIN to continue.

    You can create custom product groups based on certain criteria for categories & brands, and then define ranges for product attributes (price, reviews, ratings), and even filter by product name. To get started, click Create Product Group.

    You can analyze a single product using the product page URL.

  2. Click See Report.


Metrics and Insights

The Monthly Performance insights for the select ASINs include:

  • Units Sold: Number of units sold in the selected domain and time frame.

  • Revenue: Amount of revenue generated in the selected domain and time frame.

  • Product Views: Number of unique product views in the selected domain and time frame. Multiple views of a specific product by a user within a 30-minute session are counted as one product view.

  • AVG. Listing Price: Average price in the selected domain and time frame.

  • AVG. Rating: Average rating (up to 5 stars) in the selected domain and time frame.

  • AVG. Reviews: Average number of reviews in the selected domain and time frame


  • When analyzing multiple ASINs, toggle from the Aggregated data view to Breakdown to see metrics by item.

  • Choose any two metrics to overlay in the chart.

Note: When analyzing multiple ASINs you can filter the table by title or ASIN.

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