Find the top search terms driving traffic to a predefined or custom industry to understand audience interest and industry search trends.

Search terms by industry example: Travel and Tourism

What is the value of search trends?

Identify trending topics and emerging search terms that are driving traffic to any industry. See what's keywords are trending, evaluate the search traffic and search volume, monitor % change, and identify traffic leaders for these industry leaders search trends.

Use these insights to get an understanding of market demand, search intent, and audience interests within a specific category, brand or product, and plan your strategy accordingly.

How to Use Search Trends

Within Market Analysis:

  1. Go to Web Market Analysis and select an Industry to analyze.


    You can also create your own Custom Industry. See create a Custom Industry for instructions.

  2. Select Search Trends from the sidebar menu.

The Search Trends page displays a list of the top non-branded search terms within the selected industry, by default. Adjust the results with the following filters:

  • Branded or Non-Branded: Include or exclude search terms that include the name of the brand. Visit Branded Keywords for more information on how branded keywords are identified.

  • Newly Discovered: Identify search terms that didn’t appear the prior month.

  • Trending Terms: Identify search terms with a significant rise in traffic (+50%) from the previous month.

  • Search: Include or exclude search results that include a specific term.


Save your custom analysis for future reference by adding your graph to a new or existing dashboard using the + icon or by downloading your report using the Download Excel icon.

Metrics and Insights:


Q: How are search trends generated?

A: This data is based on Similarweb's index of the top 100 sites in the industry, and from all search channels combined.

Feature Location

Try it out! Web Market Analysis > Audience > Search Trends

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