The Paid Search Overview page provides the key metrics and insights needed to get a full view of the traffic driven to your site by paid search and to benchmark against your competitors.

With Paid Search insights PPC Managers and Performance Marketers have the data they need to understand the budgets, keywords, and ads driving competitor's paid search campaigns, and plan their own paid search strategies in more detail.


What is the Value?

Quickly and comprehensively benchmark traffic against a competitor set, and evaluate the paid search strategies of competitors with ease using the insights from the Paid Search Overview page.

Paid Search Overview page includes the new PPC Spend estimation metric, among other powerful traffic and engagement metrics, to provide a unique view of when competitors are investing in PPC campaigns, how they are performing at driving traffic, what paid channels they are pushing their campaigns across, and more.

Performance Marketers get a holistic view of any website's paid search activity through metrics such as:

  • Total Paid Search Traffic as a percentage of all search traffic

  • Top paid keywords driving traffic to websites - with a view on traffic share, CPC, and volume

  • Paid search traffic over time - filtered by day, week, or month

  • PPC spend over time

  • Paid search engagement metrics

  • Top search ads

  • Top product ads

Paid Search metrics and insights are great for:

Marketing Managers
Paid Acquisition Managers
Media Buyers
Digital & Display Managers

How to Use the Paid Search Overview Page

Within Competitive Analysis > Paid Search > Overview, you can view key metrics and insights of the traffic for up to five sites.

Key Insights:


Total Paid Search Traffic: Understand the impact of paid keyword strategies with metrics such as: total paid search traffic and the MoM % change for a website and a competitor set

Top Paid Keywords: See the top-performing keywords with a breakdown of traffic share, CPC, zero-click %, and volume

Paid Search Traffic & Engagement: Drill down into the Paid Search performance over time with insights such as: Traffic, Visit Duration, Bounce Rate, and PPC Spend

See the PPC Spend metric to get an estimation of PPC Spend over time.

Similar Tip:


Use the PPC Spend metric to pinpoint where competitor campaigns have received greater investment, pinpoint what Paid campaigns have delivered traffic and whether they led to better engagement onsite. Use this as a guide and benchmark to refine your own tactics for success.

Review the Top Search Ads and Top Product Ads being used as a part of the paid search campaigns. Identify messaging, copy, snippets, images, and more that have resulted in traffic growth or decline.

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