Discover the breakdown of traffic share for a main domain and its related subdomains.

What is the Value?

Identifying and analyzing a website's subdomains allows you to understand the structure of a site and pinpoint the specific domain that is relevant to your needs. For example, when viewing the main domain and then the subdomains and, you can differentiate general traffic and customer traffic, as traffic to the two subdomains shows Target's customer base.

How to Use Subdomains

To find the traffic share of subdomains for up to five websites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Website Analysis, enter a website, and find the Subdomains page in the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Hover your mouse over the domain name to see an overview, including Global Web Rank, Country Rank, and Last Month Visits.


    Tip: Click the domain to view Website Performance. Click the arrow next to the domain to open the website in a separate tab.

Key metrics & insights:

  • Domain: The website and all related subdomains.

  • Traffic Share: Estimated percentage of traffic sent to each listed domain and subdomain compared to the analyzed domain's total traffic.


Q: How is subdomain traffic included in traffic to a main domain on Similarweb?

A: On the top right corner of the platform, you'll notice three dots. If you click, a sidebar will open where you will be given the option to toggle between Including or Excluding the subdomains. If you have a website, which has 3 subdomains:,,, 'Excluding Subdomains' would show you only visits to and its pages, such as or

Analyzing 'Including Subdomains' would include visits to, all 3 of the example subdomains, and all pages on the main domain and subdomains.

Q: Why does a subdomain have more visits than a main domain?

A: When a user goes from to it adds one visit to, one visit to, and only one (but not two) visits to (included subdomains). In cases where there is a lot of inner traffic (traffic between the sub-domain), we sometimes see that a specific sub-domain has more visits than the main domain+subdomain combined.

Q: Can you change the category and/or the functionality of a subdomain?

A: No, you cannot change either unless they are on the list of whitelisted subdomains. You can submit a support ticket to determine if the subdomain in question is on the whitelist.

Q: Can I view AMP data in subdomains?

A: Yes, AMP pages appear in the Subdomains section, if the AMP page is formatted with this URL structure

Feature Location

Try it now! Go to Website Analysis > Enter a website and go to Subdomains.

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