The Creatives tool shows the catalog of your competitor's display ads and related insights.


Get a look at your competitors' creatives across all of their campaigns, by publisher posting their ad, or by ad network driving them. These insights will give you an outline of any company's display tactics and strategy for this channel.

What is the Value

Insights on Creatives provide an understanding of the ad format, brand messaging and ad copy being used by competitors across their digital ad campaigns. Understand what elements are working best for your competitor set and apply those elements to your own display strategy.

Using the filters, you can view creatives by Campaign, Publisher, or Ad Network. Use this information to help:

  • pinpoint creatives being used in specific campaigns

  • understand which publishers the creatives originated on

  • uncover the ad networks they are associated with

You can also view mobile creatives as well as desktop creatives to see the differences in format and messaging across these platforms.

How to Use

The Creatives research tool can be accessed from the Creatives page and the Find Display Ads page in the platform:

  1. Get started by entering the website domains that you would like to see creatives for.

  2. Set the Time Frame you want to see creatives for, and select the Country where you want to focus your Creative research.

  3. Use the Traffic filter to select to view Desktop or Mobile web creative ads.

  4. Set filters to define the criteria of the search for creatives.

    All Campaigns or choose to view creatives from specific campaigns
    Note: The campaigns listed in the filter reflect the title of the landing page that the ad directs the user to. Ads that direct to the same landing page are grouped under the same 'Creatives' campaign.
    All Publishers or select to view creatives posted on specific publisher sites
    All Ad Networks or narrow search of ad networks driving the program

    Tip: Select a combination of all three to hone in on the exact display strategy being used by a competitor.

  5. You can sort the creatives by Last seen or First seen filters so you’ll know which campaigns, messages, and creatives have been successful over time for the advertisers.


Each creative card provides details on:

Ad/Size Format
First Seen Date
Last Seen Date
Active Days
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