Search the total traffic for any keyword or keyword list and view key metrics.

How to Use Total Traffic

Within Industry Research > Search Interest Analysis, you can compare traffic metrics for an industry.

Tip: Click Generate Related Search Terms to discover, enrich, and fine-tune relevant search terms to capture a trend, market, or line of business. Just add a name to your group, decide whether you want to remove certain terms from the generated list, and then click Explore Search Interest.

You can see:

  • Search Volume: Monthly search average for the keyword or keyword list in Google.

  • Search Visits: Clicks on the search results, calculated as a monthly average.

  • Traffic Distribution

    • Traffic Trend: Distribution of the monthly traffic share for up to to 10 chosen domains. The graph is indexed to 100%, where 100% is the maximum traffic for the analyzed period. Traffic trends give a real sense of the seasonality of keywords and what may have been trending more recently.

    • Traffic Share: Distribution of the monthly traffic share for up to 10 chosen domains. Each month the total traffic share is equal to 100%.

In the Keyword's organic traffic breakdown table, you can see:

Note: You can filter by Search Engines, Search Types (Regular, Image, News, and Video search), Website Industries, and All website types (Transactional Websites, Content Publishing Websites, other Websites).

Feature Location

Research Intelligence > Industry Research > Search Interest Analysis > Total Traffic

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