Analyze the total search traffic for any keyword or keyword list and analyze the distribution of traffic across domains.


What is the Value?

Total Traffic, within Search Interests, enables researchers, strategists, and marketing professionals to build a market view based on what people are searching for across the web. 

You can assess market potential based on the total volume of search terms (both paid and organic traffic) and identify emerging rivals who are gaining traction for specific keywords. 

Using Related Search Terms you can expand your analysis to gain a holistic view of your market, plus add specific players to a Custom Industry (or add to an existing list) to continuously analyze your competitive and market landscape.

How to Use

To analyze search traffic metrics for any keyword or keyword list, follow these steps:

  1. Within the Marketing Analysis module, find Search Interests.

  2. Select a keyword or keyword list to analyze, and go to Total Traffic.

  3. To target your analysis, use the filters in the upper right to set the time period and country that you would like to analyze.

Tip: Click Generate Related Search Terms to discover, enrich, and fine-tune relevant search terms to capture a trend, market, or line of business. Just add a name to your group, decide whether you want to remove certain terms from the generated list, and then click Explore Search Interest.

At the top of the page, you'll find key total traffic metrics, including:
  • Search Volume: Monthly search average for the keyword or keyword list in Google.

  • Search Visits: Clicks on the search results, calculated as a monthly average.

  • Traffic Distribution

    • Traffic Trend: Distribution of the monthly traffic share for up to to 10 chosen domains. The graph is indexed to 100%, where 100% is the maximum traffic for the analyzed period. Traffic trends give a real sense of the seasonality of keywords and what may have been trending more recently.

    • Traffic Share: Distribution of the monthly traffic share for up to 10 chosen domains. Each month the total traffic share is equal to 100%.

In the Traffic Distribution graph, you'll find a visual representation of search traffic from the analyzed keyword distributed across up to 10 sites.

Select the Traffic Trend or Traffic Share tab:

  • Traffic Trend: Scale the graph to the maximum traffic point during the period being analyzed to highlight any gains and losses in traffic over time. This view helps to identify seasonality and time-specific trends for keywords.

  • Traffic Share: Contains a distribution of the traffic share for up to 10 chosen domains within the selected time frame and country. It represents 100% per month, so what you see in the graph is a monthly traffic share distribution.

In the Keywords Total traffic breakdown table, you'll find the following metrics & insights for each site receiving traffic from the analyzed keyword or keyword list:
  • Note: Change is calculated with the absolute number of visits per website on that keyword / group, not that traffic share.

    Let's take an example: The Keyword "Covid" has 100,000 search visits in October, and 150,000 in November. Meanwhile received 10% of that traffic in October (10,000 visits) and 9% in November. In order to calculate search traffic from this keyword to the site in November, you take 9% of the 150,000 visitsk, which equals 13,500. Therefore, this will appear as a +35% in the Change column.


  • Mark the checkbox next to a website in the table to easily create a custom industry or add to an existing one, after identifying the top sites gaining traction for a specific topic, interest, or keyword. This can help you answer the following question, "Which emerging players should I add to my competitive landscape based on the top sites that are gaining traction for a specific search term online?"

  • You can filter by Search Engines, Search Types (Regular, Image, News, and Video search), Website Industries, and All website types (Transactional Websites, Content Publishing Websites, other Websites).

Feature Location

Try it now! Search Interests > Select a Keyword or Keyword List and go to Total Traffic.

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