Identify the trending apps in the category you select, including the Top Free, Top Paid, or Top Grossing apps.

What is the value?

With Trending apps, you can:

  • Monitor your industry vertical on a daily basis and track your competitive landscape

  • Uncover new entries into each App store category in order to identify new trends, new competitors, or new partnership opportunities

  • Identify who is trending down, i.e. who is losing audience and users and, therefore, losing market share in terms of downloads and active users


This page is updated daily. The information provided in the table represents data for the specific date listed. Check back often to track trends.

How to Use Trending Apps

  1. Within the Market Analysis Tool, go to App Category Analysis.

  2. Select a category from the list and then navigate to Top Apps.

  3. To customize your analysis:

    - Select the country you'd like to analyze.
    - Choose an app type: Top Free, Top Paid, or Top Grossing.

Tip: Hover your mouse over the app to see an overview, including Category Rank and Last Version.


Feature Location

Try it now! App Category Analysis > Choose an app category and go to Trending Apps.

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