You can see high-level statistics of the selected industry based on an index of the top 100 websites in that industry.


How to Use Industry Overview

Within Industry Research > Web Industry Analysis, you can compare metrics for an industry or custom industry.

You can see:

  • Top Websites: Top five websites for this industry, ranked by traffic share. For each ranked website, you'll find its month-over-month change in visits.

  • Device distribution: Percent of incoming traffic from desktop vs. mobile web

  • Total visits: Sum of all visits during the selected period

In the graph, you can see:

In addition, you can see:

  • Top countries: Top five countries that send traffic to the industry

  • Related categories: Top five related industries. Click an industry to filter the Industry Overview for that specific industry.


How do you determine the top 100 websites?

The Top 100 websites in an Industry are based on the most recent month's data. This means that with the release of each new month of data, the Top 100 sites in an Industry may change based on which sites received more visits in the most recent month.

The list of top sites will not change when the time frame is adjusted because we are always showing the Top 100 sites based on the most recent month's data.

Feature Location

Research Intelligence > Industry Research > Web Industry Analysis > Industry Overview

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