On average, it takes 8 outreach attempts to reach a prospect. But what if that outreach was timely, customized, and actionable? Enter Insights Generator.


The Insights Generator can be used to surface areas of opportunities where your solution can help your prospects and clients. A prioritized list of insights is generated that you can consult with prospects on and that can be easily shared in your next outreach email.

Bypass the manual work of research and position yourself as a partner to prospects and customers with actionable data using Insights Generator.

What is the Value?

Consultative selling traditionally requires time and manual research to build credibility when advising your prospects or customers. Quality is often at odds with quantity. Insights Generator allows sales professionals to achieve both.

Armed with relevant insights that your clients actually care about, you can confidently position yourself as a strategic consultant rather than "just another sales rep." You will gain client trust, and they will pay attention and will want to engage.

How to use Insights Generator

  1. From the Sales Intelligence homepage, select My Lists from the left-nav menu. (Or from My Workspaces > Sales, select a list from Leads).

  2. Click an Account List to open a list that you have previously created.

  3. In the table, click the name of the lead for which you want customized insights. The right sidebar will open.

  4. Select the Insights Generator tab.


    Insights for the selected website are generated and displayed.

  5. Use the settings icon to select/change the category of customized insights. Select a category and click Apply.

  6. Use the Country Analysis drop-down menu to drill down on:

    • Top Country Analysis: Country with the highest share of visits.

    • My Country Analysis: Your local market.

    • Top Opportunities: Country in which the site has the biggest opportunity.

    • Top Achievements: Country in which the site has the biggest advantage.

  7. To view additional details, hover over an insights box and click View Details.

  8. Within the insights details panel, select Email Me to send the insight and visual to your inbox to be used for outreach to your prospect or customer.

Feature location

Sales Intelligence > My Lists > choose a website > Insights Generator (right sidebar)

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