The Audience Overlap page provides insights on shared audiences for up to five websites.  The page offers two modules:  Audience Overlap and Websites’ Audience Loyalty.


What is the Value?

Audience Overlap enables you to analyze the overlap of an audience across multiple websites. See the size of an audience, benchmark your performance, and identify new audiences for potential partnership opportunities with Audience Overlap insights. 

Audience Loyalty enables you to benchmark audience loyalty for the selected group of websites by showing you the percentage of monthly active users who visited that site versus other sites within the same industry.

With Audience Overlap and Audience Loyalty, you can:

  • Understand growth opportunities: Determine the market size, expansion opportunities, and untapped audience acquisition strategies.

  • Uncover online behavior and interests: Compare audiences from your website and competitors' websites to understand audience behavior.

  • Analyze audience loyalty of a group of websites: Discover which website has the greatest traffic share of audience loyalty.

  • Benchmark audience performance: Compare audience loyalty across websites (within the same industry) to improve retention and engagement metrics

How to use

  1. From Research Intelligence > Company Research > Website Analysis, enter a website to analyze.

  2. From the left menu, select Audience > Audience Overlap.

    The Audience Overlap page is displayed and contains two modules: Audience Overlap and Website Audience Loyalty.

  3. Click Compare to add up to four sites to compare. The page refreshes and displays the comparison view.

    The Audience Overlap graphic provides a visual display of the overlapping audiences for the compared sites.

    The table on the right provides a breakdown of Unique Visitors for each site and Total Unique Audience for the entire group. This represents the total addressable audience for your market.


    TIP: Trend your analysis over time to see how the % audience share changes from month to month and see up to 12 months of data.

    Hover over an overlap area to see the number of unique visitors and % share for each site and the unique audience share between all three sites.

  4. In the Website Audience Loyalty module, use the filter to view audience loyalty by Comparison or industry average.


    Using the Comparison filter, analyze audience loyalty to understand the % of visitors who exclusively visit the site versus two or more sites in one session.


    Using the Industry filter, benchmark how each website compares to the industry average.



  • Audience Overlap: The diagram shows the audience overlap across the selected websites for the specific time period. For each intersection, see the number of unique visitors and what proportion of each site's audience it represents.

  • Total Unique Audience: Represents the total number of unique visitors for the selected sites

  • Website's Audience Loyalty: Proportion of monthly active users who also visited other sites within the same category

  • Loyalty Traffic Share: Percentage of monthly active users who visit just that website versus other websites compared to the industry average


What’s the difference between the Cross-Browsing Interests table from Audience Interests and the Audience Overlap feature?

The Cross-Browsing Interests table shows the overlap of websites ‘head-to-head’ but doesn’t show the full audience reach and potential. 

Audience Overlap allows end-users to compare up to five websites and see the overlap across all websites.

Is this desktop only?

Yes, this is available for desktop only.

Do you support the worldwide country filter?


Feature Feature Location

Research Intelligence > Website Analysis > Audience > Audience Overlap

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