The Audience Overlap feature provides metrics and insights on the overlap of audiences across a set of analyzed websites (up to 5) for a selected time period and geographical region.

With Audience Overlap insights, you can determine the size of your addressable audience, evaluate the shared audience and visitors, and pinpoint your total unreached audience potential.

Metrics and Usage:

There are three graphs and charts containing the following metrics:

Selected Sites: the sites selected for the audience overlap analysis

Shared audience: the % of the primary website's audience that is shared with other sites selected

Shared unique visitors: the average number of unique visitors that visit all selected sites on a monthly basis

Primary site exclusive unique visitors: the number of visitors that only browse the primary site on a monthly basis, but not the selected sites

Unreached potential visitors: the number of unique visitors that do not visit the primary site and overlap of the selected sites.

Website's Audience Loyalty: the proportion of monthly active users who also visited other sites within the same category.

Loyalty Traffic Share: Percentage of monthly active users who visit just that website versus other websites compared to the industry average


For more information on the metrics and usage of Audience Overlap:

Help article and FAQs: Analyze Audience Overlap and Loyalty

Blog post: How to Size Your Market Using Audience Overlap

Feature Location

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Website Analysis > Audience Overlap

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