The Monitor Keywords page provides a centralized location to view and monitor the Keyword Lists you have created and lists that have been shared with you.


What is the Value?

Creating and monitoring Keyword Lists is a great way to stay ahead of your competition. When you are researching keywords, you can create a Keyword List to help monitor keyword performance for you vs. your competitors throughout your campaign.

The Monitor Keywords page makes it easy to view and monitor all of the keywords lists you have created, and lists that have been shared with you, in a centralized location.  You can view high-level metrics and can drill down and see more in-depth data for each listed keyword.

How to view and monitor keyword lists

  1. From Digital Marketing > Keyword Research, select Monitor Keywords.

    The page displays the Keyword Lists you have created and lists that have been shared with you.

  2. Click See All Keywords to view a more in-depth analysis on a list.

  3. To drill down further on a specific keyword, click the Keyword link in the table.

How to create a new keyword list

  1. From the Monitor Keywords page, click Create New List.

  2. There are two options for creating a new list:

    • Option 1: Enter a Keyword List manually:

      1. Enter a name for the group.

      2. Either paste a list of keywords or enter them one by one.

      3. When finished, click Save.

    • Option 2: Use the Keyword Generator Tool

      1. Enter a seed keyword, and then click Generate.

        You will see a list of keywords containing the seed keyword you entered (phrase match). You can also see related keywords (keywords that don’t necessarily contain your seed keyword but have similar intent).

      2. Select the checkbox next to each keyword you want to add to your list.

      3. Click Create New List. You can either add to an existing list or create a new one.

For more information, see Create a Keyword List.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Monitor Keywords

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