The Monitor Partners page provides a centralized location to monitor your partner lists.


What is the Value?

The Monitor Partners page makes it easy to view and monitor all of the affiliate partners you have identified and added to Partner Lists. On the Monitor Partners page, you get a quick view of the high-level metrics of your partners and have the ability to drill down to see more in-depth data for each partner.

How to view and monitor partner lists

  1. From Marketing Intelligence >Affiliate Research, select Monitor Partners.

    The page displays the partner affiliate lists you have created and lists that have been shared with you.

  2. Click See All Partners to view all partner lists and to access additional information about each partner.

  3. To drill down further on a specific partner, click the partner domain link.

How to add a partner list

  1. From the Monitor Partners page, click Create New List.

  2. There are two options for creating a list. If you know the partners that you will be adding, select Enter partner list. If you would like to search to find and qualify new affiliate patterns, select Find New Partners.

    Option 1: Select Enter a partner list

    • Enter a Name for the new website group list.

    • Enter or paste Partner Website(s) to be included in the list.

    • Click Save.

    Option 2: Select Find new partners to find and qualify new affiliate partners by keyword, industry, or competitor.

    • Keyword Affiliates: Find affiliate partners getting search traffic from keywords you are targeting.

    • Industry Affiliates: Find affiliate partners driving traffic to your target industry.

    • Competitor Affiliates: Create new partnerships with your competitors' top affiliates

For more information, see Find Affiliates

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Affiliate Research > Monitor Partners

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