The Keywords dashboard enables you to analyze specific keywords in different Amazon domains.

Use the Keywords dashboard to:

  • Better understand search behavior for specific keywords

  • Uncover organic vs. paid clicks for different keywords

  • Reveal the top brand share for each keyword

What is the Value?

Search behaviors and, consequently, on-site search strategies are changing rapidly, particularly when it comes to Amazon’s marketplace. Analyzing keywords helps you monitor and adjust your search and marketing approaches to maximize product exposure for high-intentioned customers.

How to Use

At the top of the page, choose the relevant Amazon domain and time frame, and enter the keyword you want to analyze.


Monthly Performance

The Monthly Performance graph allows you to analyze keyword performance over time.


You can see:

  • Search Volume: For the selected keyword, the number of searches in the selected domain and time frame

  • Clicks: For the selected keyword, the number of unique clicks in the selected domain and time frame. If a consumer clicked on the same product twice in the same 30-min session, it is counted as one click.

  • Paid Clicks Share: For the selected keyword, the percentage of paid clicks in the selected domain and time frame

  • Clicks per Search: Clicks divided by search volume

Paid vs. Organic Clicks

The Paid vs. Organic Clicks graph presents the percentage of paid and organic clicks in the selected domain and the time frame for the selected keyword.


Top Brands

The Top Brands table shows the share of clicks each brand received for the selected keyword.


Search Results

The Search Results table shows which Amazon products are displayed for the specific keyword. You can see the position and whether the product reached the position organically or not.


Generating More Keywords

Use our Keyword Tool for Amazon in order to generate more ideas for highly searched terms within Amazon marketplace

Location: Marketing Intelligence > Search > Keyword Opportunities > Keyword Generator > Amazon


Can I download the data to Excel?

Yes, there is a Download to Excel button at the top right corner of each graph.

Feature Location

Shopper Intelligence > Keywords

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