Mobile Web Traffic and Engagement Beta

Fresh data, early access

Hello! We are excited to announce Similarweb's Mobile Web Traffic and Engagement OPEN Beta.

This open beta leverages the updated Mobile Web (MW) algorithm and includes our expanded and highly representative data and insights. The beta is available to anyone who accesses the Similarweb platform.

Learn how to enroll now!

Why have a beta?

We’re growing and so is our coverage!

The Mobile Web Traffic beta offers enhanced datasets -- which include traffic insights for all countries, all sites, and up to 37 months of historical data. This expanded dataset empowers you to develop a holistic understanding of your market, your competitors, and your customers.

What is the Mobile Web beta?

The Mobile Web Traffic beta expands upon the metrics in the Traffic & Engagement Module of Similarweb's Research Intelligence solution.

  • Country Filters: All countries where mobile data is available

  • Sites: All Sites

  • Historical Data: 37 months of historical data

  • Data Delivery: Similarweb Platform + API

How can I access the Mobile Web beta?

To enroll in the beta, go to the Traffic and Engagement page of the Research Intelligence solution. Select the Show Data button in the banner at the top of the page.

How will this impact the data?

As mentioned above, the Mobile Web Beta (and the corresponding data changes) apply only to Mobile Web Traffic data and, therefore, Total Traffic data as well. There is no impact on Desktop traffic data.

What will I see?

When in a single domain view, the new Beta calculation is presented alongside the current calculation within each module.  Beta calculations will display a green BETA indicator.


For graphical displays, such as Traffic and Engagement over time, use the check box in the left-hand corner to toggle the New Calculation and Current Calculation data points.


Remember, this Beta is available for all countries, all sites, and can show up to 37 months of historical data.

What about when comparing domains?

When comparing domains, the New Calculation will be displayed within each module. The Current Calculation is not displayed in the compare view. (See below for examples.)

Can I opt-out of the beta?

Yes, you can opt-out of the beta at any time. To do so, click EXIT BETA at the top of the page to return to the non-Beta platform without the new calculations.

How do I access the beta calculation through the API?

You can add new calculations from the Mobile Traffic & Engagement Beta to any corresponding endpoint in the REST API.

Simply add the 'beta=true' parameter to your T&E query string.  For example:



Beta data is not available for the last 28 days time frame, and is only available for Mobile Web and "All Traffic".

Provide Feedback or Contact Support

If you have feedback on how we can improve our Mobile Web product, additional metrics you’d like to see, or on your overall experience, click Offer Feedback in the right-hand corner of the blue beta banner.


If offering feedback on your own domain, please ensure you’ve connected your Google Analytics with Similarweb.

Should you encounter any functional issues with the beta or have additional questions about the beta, please contact Similarweb support.

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