Mobile Traffic & Engagement Beta

Fresh data, early access

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in Similarweb’s Mobile Traffic & Engagement Beta. This closed beta leverages the updated Mobile Web (MW) algorithm and an expanded and highly representative dataset.

Why have a beta?

We’re growing and so is our coverage.

Enhancing our Mobile Web capabilities is a critical component of Similarweb’s traffic and engagement data offering -- which empowers you to develop a holistic understanding of your market, your competitors, and your customers.

By granting a select group of users exclusive early access to this dataset, we can monitor performance and test scalability before rolling it out across all domains to all users.

What is the Mobile Traffic Beta?

The Beta’s scope impacts metrics in the Traffic & Engagement Module:

  • Country Filters: US, UK, IT, DE, FR, JP, RU, BR, WW

  • Sites: sites > 50K visits/mo 

  • Historic Data: November 2020 onwards

  • Data Delivery: Platform + API

Changes will be made to the Mobile Web Traffic data for these domains which, in turn, will impact Total Traffic. Note: Desktop traffic is not changing.

As we expand our coverage and grow the datasets used by our industry-leading machine learning models, periodic adjustments to our algorithms are required so they can accurately weight and calibrate data inputs. This ultimately impacts our estimations.

How it works

  1. On pages displaying Traffic and Engagement data for qualifying countries and sites included in the Beta, click Show Data to opt-in and view the data.


    When in a single domain view, the new Beta calculation is presented alongside the current calculation within each module.  Beta calculations will display a green BETA indicator.

  2. In graphical displays, such as Traffic and engagement over time, select the checkbox to toggle the New Calculation and Current Calculation data on/off.


    Note: Beta calculations are only available in daily, weekly, and monthly views. Further, using the time period filter to view ‘last 28 days', ‘Period over Period’, or ‘Year over Year’ will prompt you to exit the Beta UI.

  3. When comparing domains, the New Calculation will be displayed within each module. The Current Calculation is not displayed in compare view.

  4. Within the Beta UI banner, click OFFER FEEDBACK to share your input on the new traffic and engagement calculations, the trend/magnitude accuracy, and the overall experience.

    If offering feedback on your own domain, you will also have the option to connect your Google Analytics. Why? Learn more.

  5. Outside of the platform, you can also use the Feedback Form to submit any feedback on the Beta calculations.

  6. Click SWITCH BACK at any time to return to the non-Beta platform without the new calculations.

How to access the beta calculation through the API?

Add new calculations from the Mobile Traffic & Engagement Beta to any corresponding endpoint in the REST API.

Simply add the 'beta=true' parameter to your T&E query string.  For example:


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