The Keyword Gap tool compares the keywords driving traffic to your site and to your competitors to find keywords you’re missing out on.

Keyword Gap Analysis Tool

See how your keywords overlap with your competitors in the Venn diagram and use the metrics in the table to uncover the winners and discover the opportunities.

What's the value of keyword gap analysis?

Keyword gap analysis is the process of identifying keywords that your competitors are successfully targeting in their keyword strategy, that you are not. To build a winning SEO strategy, it’s important to identify those gaps so that you can close them.

The Keyword Gap tool helps you analyze which keywords are sending traffic to you versus your competitors. It’s an invaluable way to:

  • Uncover keyword opportunities that you are missing out on.

  • Optimize your content with additional keywords to target.

  • Generate new content ideas.

  • Better understand your audience's interests.

The insights offered in the Keyword Gap page give your content, SEO, and PPC teams a crystal clear understanding of which keywords to prioritize to maximize traffic share.

How to use the Keyword Gap tool

Working within the Acquisition Channels > SEO module,

  1. Go to Keyword Opportunities > Keyword Gap.

  2. Enter the primary website. Click +Add to add up to four competitors.

  3. Click See Keywords. The Keyword Gap tool visually displays the overlap of keywords in a Venn diagram. Hover over the diagram to view metrics for each overlap.

    Keyword Gap Overlap
  4. Toggle between the All Traffic, Organic, and Paid tabs to analyze different traffic sources.

Keyword Gap Filters

Keyword Gap Analysis Filters

Use the right sidebar to filter keyword metrics by:

  • Core: Keywords shared by you and your competitors.

  • Wins: Keywords where you have the biggest share of traffic.

  • Opportunities: Keywords where your competition is getting traffic, but you are not.

  • Losses: Keywords where you are getting less traffic than your competitors.

Search Terms

Review the fill list of keyword results sending traffic to the competitive set in the table of search terms below the venn diagram. You’ll also find the breakdown of traffic volume, among other relevant keyword metrics, to help not only identify keyword gaps but evaluate the business potential of keywords.

  Tip: Narrow down the list of search terms using the filters at the top of the table, including: Branded/Non-Branded Keywords, Search Engines, Search Types, Volume, CPC, and Keyword Difficulty.

As you identify relevant keywords that you’d like to track, click the leftmost box next to a keyword to add it to a Keyword List.

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