Keyword Gap shows you the relationship between the groups of keywords driving traffic to a set of websites. For example using the screenshot above, if you’re Amazon you can see where you overlap with Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Looks like Amazon has very few unique keywords that aren’t driving traffic to one of those three competitors.

What is the Value?

The Keyword Gap tool allows you to analyze which keywords are sending traffic to you versus your competitors. It’s an invaluable way to spot opportunities, wins, and losses. This gives your content and PPC teams a crystal clear understanding of which keywords to prioritize to maximize traffic share.

How to Use

  1. From Digital Marketing > Keyword Research > Keyword Gap, enter your website.

  2. Click Add Competitor to add up to four competitors.

  3. Click See Keywords.

  4. Toggle between the All Traffic, Organic, and Paid tabs to analyze different types of traffic.

  5. Use the right sidebar to filter the keyword table results:

    • Core: Keywords shared by you and your competitors.

    • Wins: Keywords where you have the biggest share of traffic.

    • Opportunities: Keywords where your competition is getting traffic, but you are not.

    • Losses: Keywords where you are getting less competition than your competitors.

  6. Review the keyword results, clicking the leftmost box to save keywords of interest to a Keyword List.

Note: You can filter by Branded/Non-Branded Keywords, Search Engines, Search Types, Volume, and CPC.

In the table, you can see:

Feature Location

Digital Marketing > Keyword Research > Find Keywords > Keyword Gap

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