The Brands dashboard enables you to analyze different brands' performance, top competitors and products, and much more.

Use the Brands dashboard to:

  • Better understand your competitive landscape on Amazon and evaluate your competitor's performance.

  • Identify the highest-performing categories for different brands.

  • Uncover cross-shopping behaviors.

  • Reveal your competitors’ leading products.

  • Uncover brands’ purchase frequency and returning customers’ rate.

What is the Value?

While Amazon shares some data with its brands, it doesn’t share competitor data. With Brand Analysis you can get a better understanding of your competitive landscape and quantify competitor threats.

Overlap with complementary brands can be used to determine new product whitespace or new partnership opportunities.

Uncovering your competitors’ top products helps you recognize which products contribute to their successes or weaknesses; which of your products could be converting more efficiently and if there’s demand not being met.

Analyzing purchase frequency and the rate of returning customers helps you create different shopper segments and adjust your marketing strategy and loyalty scheme.

How to Use

At the top of the page, choose the relevant Amazon domain, brand, and time frame for your brand analysis. You can also filter by category to analyze brands at a more granular level.

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Can I download the data to Excel?

Yes, there is a Download to Excel button at the top right corner of each graph.

Feature Location

Shopper Intelligence > Brands

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