The Categories dashboard allows you to drill down to specific categories and subcategories and reveal overall category performance, highest-converting brands, top products per category, customer loyalty, and retention.

Use the Categories dashboard to:

  • Monitor the performance of categories and subcategories on Amazon

  • Identify the leading players and top products in each category

  • Uncover customer segments based on purchase frequency

What is the Value?

Understanding category trends helps you put your own performance and brand strength into context.

The Category view allows you to uncover up-and-coming brands as potential threats, helps you benchmark your performance within the category in terms of product views, conversions, and other metrics, and lets you act accordingly.

At the Product level, data can be used to find whitespace for a product or feature development based on what Amazon consumers respond to the most.

Understanding the distribution of new vs. returning customers and shopper loyalty can help you craft or fine-tune your messaging, and purchase frequency helps you redefine your customer segments.

How to Use

At the top of the page, choose the relevant Amazon domain, category, and time frame for your analysis.

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Can I download the data to Excel?

Yes, there is a Download to Excelbutton at the top right corner of each graph.

Feature Location

Shopper Intelligence > Categories

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