The Overview dashboard provides domain-level insights on Amazon in different countries and regions (e.g.,,,, etc.).

Use the Overview dashboard to:

  • Analyze Amazon’s daily performance and identify patterns and peaks in performance on local Amazon domains.

  • Identify Amazon’s top-performing categories based on the number of Units Sold, Revenue, and Product Views.

What is the value?

The Amazon Overview dashboard offers insights into Amazon’s performance and sheds light on the most important categories to Amazon’s overall business. Product Views, Units Sold, and Revenue together expose which categories are most efficient relative to one another.

Users can identify high performing categories they should consider entering and reallocate resources based on market size changes.

How to Use

At the top of the page, choose the relevant Amazon domain and time frame for your analysis.

The Daily Performance graph allows you to analyze daily performance, performance trends, and insights for the selected Amazon domain during the specified time frame.

  • Units Sold: The number of units sold in the selected domain and time frame

  • Revenue: The amount of revenue generated by Amazon in the selected domain and time frame

  • Product Views: The number of unique product views in the selected domain and time frame. Multiple views of a specific product by a user within a 30-minute session are counted as one product view.

  • CVR: Conversion rate is calculated by dividing unique purchases by product views in the selected domain and time frame


Tip: Use the daily performance overview to prepare for future shopping days based on past performance.

The Category Performance graph uncovers the best-performing categories on Amazon. Sorting by Units Sold and Product Views allows you to understand a category’s efficiency and popularity.


Tip: Use the Category Performance to identify untapped opportunities for your brand.


Can I download the data to Excel?

Yes, there is a Download to Excel button at the top right corner of each graph.

Feature Location

Shopper Intelligence > Overview

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